1. Check lock hydraulics for external leaks. Renew defective parts if necessary.

2. Repeat bleeding procedure for lock control circuit (lock hydraulics). If new parts have been installed, the lock must be bled as appropriate. Refer to repair manual, Group 47.

3. Check speed sensor signals (Page D39/45 - 20... 20b).

4. Measure thickness of plates with lock measuring cylinder (special tool 9514). Page D39/45 - 21.

5. Check pressure at locking moment (friction value in lock) (Page D39/45 - 25).

911 Carrera 4 All-Wheel Drive / Antiblock System

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

5: Control unit defective Before renewing the control unit, check whether: Fault cod 6 -15 ■

- there is any electrical interference from the ignition (for example if the spark plug caps are not correctly attached)

- there are any differences in potential caused by contact resistances (missing or poor earth/ground connections).


A poor earth/ground connection may occur not only at the affected components but also at other important earthing/grounding points, for example transmission earth/ground connections (from the starter motor to the body and from the intermediate transmission housing to the earth/ground point on the combined plug connection at the rear right).

- earth/ground contact is present at control unit plug PIN 3, 52 and 37. These wires are connected to earth./ground. point II (in right of trunk).

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