Survey of Information Published in Technical Manual beginning in 1985

Front and rear brakes

Damper shims and vibration dampers


Survey of Summer Tires and Wheels

Summary of winter tires, wheels and snow chains



Remarks, Model,

Replaces T W 3/90 Replaces T Ng 9/89

Date 24.07.90

16.08.90 28.08.90

♦ = Conversion instructions or workshop campaign V = Brochure

® = Supplement or change for TI/QI

Date 30.04.90



The workshop manual of the Carrera 4 also includes that for the Carrera 2. The Carrera 4 acts as the basis for description of the repairs in the manual. "Carrera 4" also appears on every page in the header line.

Deviating descriptions for repairs on the Carrera 2 follow those of the Carrera 4. These repair descriptions for both models are separated by a yellow sheet.

"Carrera 2" appears on all pages in the header line after the separating sheet. The page number starts with 100 as an additional distinction.


Wheel suspension, front, axle shaft

Tightening torques for front axle 40-01

Installation instructions for wheel carrier 40 - 1

Dismantling and assembling wheel suspension 40 - 3

Removing and installing halfshaft 40 -11

Dismantling and assembling spring strut 40-13

Wheel suspension, rear, axle shaft

Tightening torques for rear axle 42-01

Notes on recessed spring strut mount from 1991 model on 42 - 1

Dismantling and assembling wheel suspension 42 - 3

Replacing wheel bearings 42-9

Removing and installing spring strut 42-13

Dismantling and assembling spring strut 42-15

Removing and installing drive shaft 42-19

Wheels, tires, alignment

Wheels and tires 44-01

Adjustment values for alignment 44-02

Sample measuring card 44-04

Fitting 16" and 17" cup design wheels to the vehicle 44-05

Alignment 44 - 1

Tire fitting 44-9

Antiblock system

Acceleration sensors for longitudinal and transverse locks 45 - 1

Testing ABS in 911 Carrera 4 with ABS 2-LED Tester 45 - 7

PDAS diagnosis / Troubleshooting D39/45-1

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