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Printed In Germany • XXII, 1995

Brakes, mechanical

Tightening torques for brake mechanisms 46-01

Technical data 46-03

Checking the thickness of the brake pads 46 - 1

Removing and installing the brake pads of the four-piston fixed-caliper brake 46 - 2

Adjusting the brake pressure rod / checking the brake light switch setting 46 - 4

Checking and adjusting the hand brake 46 - 5

Checking brake disc lateral runout 46 - 7

Checking brake disc thickness 46 - 9

Dismantling and assembling front brake 46-11

Dismantling and assembling rear brake 46-13

Brake - hydraulics, regulator, booster

Tightening torques for brake hydraulics 47-01

Information on four-piston fixed caliper 47-03

Brake fluid change / Bleeding the brake and lock control 47 - 1

Pressure tests on the booster circuit 47 - 9

Removing and installing pressure warning switch 47-13


Tightening torques for steering 48-01

Replacing the steering in case of accident damage 48-03

Inspection and installation work on the rack and pinion power steering 48 - 1

Assembling the track rods on the steering gear 48 - 3

Removing and installing steering gear 48 - 5

Removing and installing steering/ignition lock 48 - 9

Checking hydraulic operation of steering system (pressure measurement) 48 -11

911 Carrera 4 Front Wheel Suspension, Axle Shaft

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