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Contents D39/45-1

Overview of diagnosis/Troubleshooting on

PDAS and ABS D39/45-3

Connector assignment of PDAS/ABS control unit D39/45-7

Important vehicle information D39/45-8

1 PDAS diagnosis with system tester 9288 D39/45-9

Important information for diagnosis/troubleshooting with system tester 9288 D39/45-11

Fault memory: Possible fault displayAroubleshooting D39/45-12

2 Bleeding condition of lock control 47-5

(post-bleeding the hydraulics of the lock actuation system)

3 Measuring disk wear at the longitudinal and transverse locks D39/45-21

4 Checking locking moment (friction coefficient) of longitudinal and transverse locks D39/45-25

5 Checking admisiĆ³n valves in locking hydraulics (lock activation) D39/45-39

6 Pressure tests on the booster circuit (brake booster and lock control) 47-9

7 Longitudinal and transverse acceleration sensors (assembly/testing) 45-1

8 Preventing confusion of longitudinal and transverse lock lines D39/45-43

9 Testing ABS in 911 Carrera 4 with ABS 2-LED tester 45-7

Overview of diagnosis/troubleshooting on PDAS and ABS


PDAS (Porsche Dynamic All-wheel Control) operates in conjunction with the ABS (Anti Block System).

Several test operations with different testers and special tools are required for complete testing of PDAS and ABS.

It is possible to define the procedure in the event of faults or irregularities by making use of the following overview.

The page number or repair group for the following test points is specified in the table of contents on P. D39/45-1.


Test point Notes

Test point 1

PDAS diagnosis with system tester If a fault is indicated by the PDAS/ABS warning lamp 9288 (No. 8 / No. 9) and irregularities are suspected, first read out the fault memory of the PDAS/ABS control unit. If No. 13 (brake pressure warning lamp) and No. 8 light up although the engine has been running for longer than 1 minute, there is a fault in the booster circuit (test point 6 or troubleshooting in accordance with circuit diagram).

Abs Tester Circuit Diagram
D 39/45-3

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