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Measurement 1 = press, from 0...5 bar Measurement 2 = "" 10...30 bar

Measurement 4 = Breakaway moment min. 500 Nm (367 ftlb), pressure 60 bar or over.

Measurement 5 = admission valve of longitudinal lock. Prescribed value approx. 2.0 ..3.5 bar

Limit values (permissible locking values) and corresponding pressures are shown on P. D39/45-38.

- Same procedure as for transverse lock testing except for following points:

Only front wheels are locked

On System Tester select menue for drive links / checking longitudinal lock

Transverse lock is automatically closed by System Tester when menue item for checking longitudinal lock is selected

Test pressures for measurements 1...4 are different (see left-hand column)

- Completely close longitudinal lock using System Tester

- Move to position for pressure reduction and start with measurement 1 as described in point 3.

- Compare actual with prescribed values (S. D39/45-38)

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