Testing ABS in 911 Carrera 4 with ABS 2LED Tester Important information on ABS of 911 Carrera

1. If any work is carried out on the hydraulic unit, speed sensors or cable harness, or if any units are replaced, e.g. during accident repairs, a function check with the ABS Tester must be performed. This prevents any mixing up of the electrical and hydraulic lines and ensures that the hydraulic unit functions correctly.

2. If a fault is indicated during operation (without any prior assembly work), diagnosing and troubleshooting with System Tester 9288 is possible.

In this case select system PDAS and read the fault memory.


Bosch 9288 Tester




Special tool

Order number



ABS 2-LED Tester

Robert Bosch GmbH Abt.: KH/VKD 3 Postfach 41 09 60 7500 Karlsruhe 41 Telephone: 0721/4009-1 Telex: 78 26 663


Authorized dealer or agent


55-pole ABS 2-LED adapter cable

KDAS 0003/7

Same manufacturer and supplier as No. 1 Other possible applications of adapter cable:

- on the 911 Carrera 4 for checking longitudinal and transverse acceleration sensors

- on the 928 with PSD for checking ABS and transverse acceleration sensor

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