Tightening torques for steering



Tightening torque Nm (ft.lb.)

Steering gear to cross member

M 8

45 (33)*

Tie rod (balljoint) to steering arm

M 12

65 (48)

Universal joint to steering gear and steering shaft

M 8


Tie rod to balljoint and joint fork (counter nut)

M 14

45 (33)

Tie rod to rack

M 14

70 (51.5)

Steering wheel to steering shaft

M 16

45 (33)

Protective tube to chassis**

M 6

10 (7.5)

Pressure line and return line to steering gear

M 12

20 (15)

Pressure line to servo pump

M 14

30 (22)

Pressure line to pressure line (union nut)

M 14

25 (18.5)

Replace screws each time they are removed. Only use original spare parts (microencapsulated screws). Threads in cross members, screw theads and washers must be clean and free of grease. Always fit the screws evenly until the fastening clamps are level with the cross member before tightening the screws.

Break off M 6 and M 8 breakaway screws after carrying out a functional and visual inspection of all relevant components.

Replace setscrews and locknuts each time they are removed. Tightening torque also applies to cars with airbag (steering wheel with sliding section and universal joint at steering box).

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