To do this

- Depending on which admission valve is being checked first, connect manometer to relevant lock servo cylinder, first removing ignition key for safety reasons (= no pressure in lines from solenoid valve to admission valves).

- Connect System Tester 9288 to diagnosis socket.

- Bleed manometer.


- Connect inlet union (No. 3) to measuring line (No. 2). Fit this assembly, in conjunction with inlet-union screw, seal rings and connector (No. 4/No. 5/No.6) instead of bleed valve on relevant lock servo cylinder. Connect high-pressure measuring line (No. 2) to manometer. Important information Tighten No. 4 and No. 6 carefully, or apply counter-pressure when tightening to avoid misalignment. Failure to observe this precaution could cause connector (no. 6) to break off. Before bleed valve is opened, ensure lock cylinder is not under pressure (e.g. due to full-lock button). For this reason it is best to remove ignition key.


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