Vag 1402


3. Screw high-pressure hose No. 5 with flange No. 6 to power pump (required seal: 14x18).

4. Fit high-pressure hose No. 2a or 2b (1.5 m long) to pressure line, using the banjo bolt and adapter No. 1. Required seals: 2 x 14 x 18 and 1 x 18 x 22 or 1 x 16x20.

I - Shutoff valve open

II - Shutoff valve closed

III - Damping orifice

IV - from power pump

V - to pressure line

5. Install pressure gauge between high-pressure hoses and place on a support (e.g. tool box).

A helper is required to read off the pressures.

Make sure the hose section of the pressure line is not kinked. In addition, the tester hose must be kept at a safe distance from the belts and pulleys.

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