When renewing the PDAS/ABS control unit, make sure that the PSD/ABS control unit for the 928 is not accidentally installed. For distinguishing features, see Page D39/45-20.

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

6: Front left No signal from speed sensor reaches control unit, or signal is speed sensor incorrect / unrealistic.

Warning: this fault is also indicated if the ABS/PSD control unit for the 928 is installed.

If assembly work has already taken place, check that the correct control unit has been installed. Distinguishing feature: part number.

928 control unit with PSD = 928 618

911 Carrera 4 control unit = 964 618

1. Pull of the control unit plug. Measure the internal resistance / check continuity between PIN 51 und PIN 48 on plug. Desired value 600...1600 £2.

If the desired value is not attained, check the wires and plug connections in the circuit from the front left speed sensor. Plug connections: 1 x on left spring strut, 1 x on left spring strut mount in trunk (for distinguishing feature, see Page D39/45 - 13).

If the desired value (600... 1600 £2) is not reached although the wires / plug connections are in working order, renew the speed sensor.

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