Wheel Alignment General Information

Wheel alignment is applicable for both the 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Carrera 2.

Check wheel alignment of a vehicle with an optical or electronic alignment tester. Procedures are described in the operating instructions supplied with a pertinent tester. The following requirements must be fulfilled prior to checking the wheel alignment.

- Vehicle at curb weight according to DIN 70020, which means a ready-to-drive vehicle with full fuel tank, spare wheel and tools.

- Correct joint and wheel bearing play (wheel bearing play cannot be adjusted).

- Specified tire inflation pressure; uniformly worn tire treads.

If both front and rear wheel alignment has to be checked, first check or adjust wheel positioning values on the rear axle.

It is recommended or necessary* to check the height adjustment at DIN curb weight before the wheel positioning values of the front and rear axles can be adjusted.

Left to right wheel load differences can be kept as small as possible due to the possibility of adjusting the car ride level height, insofar as wheel load scales are available. The wheel load difference is adjusted by changing the car ride level height within height tolerances. A small as possible left to right wheel load difference is preferred.

* After completion of work which caused changes in height or with a wrong height.

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