Scope of conversion for 911 Carrera RS Bodyinwhite

Instructions for conversion of 911 Carrera 2 body-in-white to 911 Carrera RS (Base and NGT versions)

No. Operation

1 Base version only:

Remove weld-on bolts for coat hook mounting


Using an angle grinder, remove weld-on bolts for coat hook mounting from the B-post reinforcement.

2 Base version only:

Insert M8 pop rivet nuts into Drill two 11.0 mm dia. holes for fire extinguisher bracket floor section member into the passenger side of the floor section member and use a pop rivet nut gun to insert the M8 pop rivet nuts.

3 Base version only:

Weld in lap belt mounting Drill 13.0 mm dia. holes for lap belt mounting into tun nel. Insert lap belt mounting into tunnel and MIG-weld from outside along front sides of lap belt mounting, running a full seam.

4 Weld in crotch belt mounting Drill 16.2 mm dia. holes for crotch belt mounting into floorpan. Insert crotch belt mounting into floorpan and MIG-weld from outside along front sides of crotch belt mounting, running a full seam.

Weld tunnel, floorpan with MIG-weld reinforcement of rear floorpan with heel plate heel plate and rear end and reinforcement for tunnel, tunnel with tunnel reinforce-

for safety ment and heel plate with seat well.

Safety welds:

Length of welding seam = 25 mm Distance between seams = 25 mm Execution of seam = on both sides

6 Base version only:

Remove angular surround Use a spotweld cutter to separate spotwelds of the angular surround.

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