Retrofitting of a telephone set

Vehicles not prepared for fitting of a telephone set may be retrofitted with a telephone.

Component installation position and cable routing in the vehicle

Porsche Telephone Antenna



- Transmitter-receiver unit


- Antenna cable, fender antenna


- Targa, Cabriolet antenna


- Cable operating unit


- Central electrical system


- Supply lines


- Antenna separating filter


- Antenna cable to transmitter-receiver unit


- Operating unit


- Antenna cable, roof antenna


- Coup6 antenna

Component installation position Note

Retrofitting is described taking the Philips Porty unit as an example. Fitting of other telephone sets may require certain changes. Do not modify the routing of the cables, however, since this may cause malfunctions during operation of the car. Mounting brackets for the individual components must be shop-made or bought as required.

Transmitter-receiver unit

The transmitter-receiver unit is located in the trunk within the spare wheel.

Automobile Trunk Carpet Adhesive


The transmitter-receiver unit protrudes beyond the spare wheel. To ensure it is covered evenly by the trunk carpet, glue two wooden blocks below the mat that are supported by the spare wheel. Grind off the rear edges of the bracket to allow the bracket to fit within the spare wheel.

Antenna separating filter

The antenna separating filter is fitted with a bracket on the bulkhead. The Tucker studs for fitting the bracket are provided as of MY '92.



iV i

o q



On vehicles prior to MY '92, the right-hand Tucker stud must be retrofitted (refer to drawing).

Operating unit

The operating unit is installed on the center console replacing the oddments tray behind the parking brake lever.

Porsche 964 Radio Antenna

The antenna cable is routed from the antenna to the right-hand B-post, along the edge of the roof to the A-post, passing the A-post into the passenger's footwell along the main wiring loom to the antenna separating filter.


The windshield antenna must not be used any more. Make sure the radio is also connected across the antenna separating filter. To facilitate installation on the Coupé, the antenna may be fitted on the left-hand fender as on the Cabriolet and Targa.

Cabriolet and Targa antennas

The phone antenna is mounted on the left-hand fender.

Coupé antenna

The phone antenna is mounted on the roof.

Telephone Receiver 911

The antenna cable is routed from the antenna across the side panel (indicated by a punch mark approx. 120 mm below the bore for the lateral turn signal indicator), running along the passenger's side wiring loom across the passenger's footwell to the antenna separating filter.


The windshield antenna must not be used any more. The radio must also be connected to the antenna separating filter.

Routing of the cable Note

When passing the cables and wires through panel bores, always insert suitable rubber grommets.

Three wiring looms are routed from the transmitter-receiver unit to the individual components:

- to the central electrical system

- to the operating unit

- to the antenna separating filter

Whererever several wiring looms are routed along each other, tie them together using adhesive tape.

The wiring is routed from the transmitter-receiver unit along the closing panel to the right-hand wheel arch.

Porsche 964 Fuse Panel

Connect terminal 31 to ground point II (cf. arrow).

Route from right-hand wheel arch below the trunk edge to the transverse wall. Use 16 mm dia. cable clamps to screw the wiring looms to the mounting clips provided for the trunk floor carpet.

Porsche 964 Radio Antenna

Route from the transverse wall through the rubber seal end piece to the central electrical system.

Connect the power supply wires (term. 15 and term. 30) to the central electrical system.

Connect term. 30 across a fuse to the screw-on location of the central electrical system.

Term. 15 is connected across a fuse to connector K 13.

The fuses are connected to relay location R 62 using a fuse holder.

Radio, Telephone, On-board-computer 911 Carrera 4

Porsche 964 Radio Antenna

The wires to the operating unit and the antenna separating filter are routed across a separate 41-mm dia. bore (identified by a punch mark) in the transverse wall to the passenger compartment.

Porsche 964 Radio Antenna

The supply wires to the operating unit are routed along the passenger compartment wiring loom to the tunnel and along the upper side of the tunnel to the operating unit.

Retrofitting of a CD changer

The following spare parts are required for retrofitting of a CD changer:

Porsche Changer Installation

A = Bracket for CD changer

C = Combination screw M 6 x 16

D = Protective cover, reinforced

E = Front compartment carpet, modified for CD changer

F = CD changer

G = Combination screw M 4 x 8

H = interface/radio connecting wire

J = Interface

K = Trim for CD changer

1977 Porsche 924 Engine Timing Cover

Retrofitting a CD changer Printed in Germany - XVI, 1992

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