Checking clutch drive plate for wear

(clutch drive plate removed) Checking:

Using a depth gage or sliding calipers, measure distance X from surface of lining to rivet head.


Measure only at the beaded-over side of the rivet head.

Wear limit X is 0.3 mm (see drawing). When the drive plate is new, this dimension is approx. 1.0 mm.

Note that lining wear is not linear, i.e. not at a steady rate throughout the clutch's operating life. The way in which the lining material beds down and is compressed initially suggests that greater lining wear is taking place, but as the car is driven further, the rate of wear declines considerably.


1 - Lining

2 - Drive plate/lining spring

Checking clutch drive plate for wear

Printed in Germany - X, 1990

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