Determining size of shim s for hollow shaft

1. Determine basic value "G":

2. Determine correction value "K":

228 - 35

28.90 A

= Constant value = Measured value = Basic value

Slide hollow shaft in direction of arrow to the stop (facing surface of hollow shaft level with outer race of four-point bearing).

Measure distance between collar of output shaft and inner race of cylindrical-roller bearing (dimension "A").

Measured value "A" minus constant value 28.90 mm = Basic value "G".


Measured value "A" Constant value Basic value "G"

= Constant value = Measured value = Bearing carrier = Inner bearing race

- Measure distance between inner race and end of bearing carrier (dimension "B"). For this, insert four-point bearing with inner race into bearing carrier and hold in position with suitable pressing tool.

Determining size of shim "s" for hollow shaft

Printed in Germany - II, 1989

230 - 35

- Deviations from the constant value

28.25 mm gives the correction value "K"".


If the measured value "B" is less than 28.25 mm, the deviation must be added to basic value "G", if greater, the deviation must be subtracted from basic value "G".

3. Determine thickness of shim "s":

- Basic value "G", plus or minus correction value "K" gives the thickness of shim "s"

Example I

Basic value "G" 1.23 mm

Correction value "K" +0.12 mm

Thickness of shim "s" 1.35 mm

Example II

Basic value "G" Correction value "K" Thickness of shim "s"

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