Notes on disassembling and assembling Disassembling

1. Clamp retaining plate 9177 in the vice, insert 2. Remove all parts from the input shaft by input shaft and undo collar nut with Special pressing off with suitable separating device

911 Carrera 4 Manual Transmission, Gears, Shafts



All components must be fitted onto the input shaft dry to ensure that no oil penetrates between the contact surfaces.

1. Fit driver dogs for synchronization in correct position (curved side towards gear shift sleeve).

2. Installation position of gearshift sleeve. The dotting mark must be fitted centrally in relation to the driver dogs.


1 = Gearshift sleeve

2 = Driver dog

3 = Guide sleeve

4 = dotting mark

5 = Installation position

Installation dimension (new) = min. 0.9 mm Wear limit = 0.6...0.7 mm

3. Check synchronizing disks by pressing onto 5. Observe installation position of locks, the cones of the gear wheels and measuring gap "A" with a feeler gauge.

Installation dimension (new) = min. 0.9 mm Wear limit = 0.6...0.7 mm


Shift rod 3/4 Lock

Shift rod 5/R Locking pin Lock

Shift rod 1/2

4. Tighten collar nut with 250 Nm (184.5 and notch collar to secure.

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