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2. When the gearshift is adjusted correctly, the underside of the shift lever is not inclined in a longitudinal direction. This means that the lower section is at a 90° angle to the central tube and the frame tunnel, respectively.


The upper part of the shift lever is slightly inclined towards the rear since only the lower part of the shift lever is straight (not evident from drawing No. 644).

3. Checking the adjustment: Shift through all gears. The clearance between the front and rear of the console must be approximately the same in all gears.

4. If required, correct adjustment at the adjustable guide tube (No. 8).

One turn of the ball joint corresponds to a change of inclination of approx. 3 to 5 mm at the shift lever.

Caution: When tightening the lock nut, make sure the ball joints are not twisted with regard to each other.

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