Adjusting drive set General

The setting of drive pinion and ring gear is a determining factor for the service life and smooth running of the rear-axle drive. Drive pinions and ring 'gear that have been checked for good tooth contact pattern and low noise in both directions of rotation on special test equipment are therefore matched during production. The position at which smoothest running can be achieved is determined by shifting the drive pinion axially, with the ring gear being kept within the tolerance of the prescribed tooth backlash. The deviation "r" from the specified design dimension "Ro" is measured, added to the design dimension "Ro" and engraved on the ring gear as setting value "E".

During initial production, drive sets that feature only the values for production setting were used. When replacing components on those drive sets that affect the drive pinion position directly (transmission housing and bearing assembly for drive pinion), a measurement of actual values is required (refer to page 39-131).

Production version "A"


2 - Matching number

All other characters are used for adjustment in production.

Version "B" for service

Version "B" for service


1 - Backlash "F" (e.g. 0.18 mm) 2 - Matching number

3 - Setting dimension "E" (e.g. 64.05 mm)

Version "C" for service

Version "C" for service


Ro - Design dimension (64.00 mm) r - Deviation r

1 - Backlash "F" (e.g. 0.18 mm) 2 - Matching number

The service versions also feature the production dimensions of version "A". However, they are offset by 180°.

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