Practical procedure when readjusting the drive set

If it becomes necessary to adjust drive pinion and ring gear, follow the below sequence to ensure an efficient working procedure:

1. Determine the total shim thickness "Stot" (Si plus S2) for the specified preload on the taper roller bearings/differential.

2. Determine the thickness of shim "S3".

3. Split the total shim thickness "Stot" into Si and S2 so that the specified circumferential backlash is present between ring gear and drive pinion.

The aim of this adjustment is to restore the smoothest running position which has been achieved on test equipment in the production line.

To achieve correct results, greatest possible cleanliness for all assembly work and measuring procedures is essential.

When assembling the final drive assembly, it is only necessary to readjust drive pinion and ring gear or drive set if components have been replaced which have a direct influence on the adjustment. Refer to the following table to avoid unnecessary adjustment procedures!

^^^^^^^^ Adjust: Replaced component

Ring gear (Si + S2)

Drive pinion (S3)

Rear transmission case



Transmission side cover


Bearing assembly for drive pinion



Drive set



Differential housing


Taper roller bearing for differential


1 - Spacer Si 945-39

3 - Adjusting shim S3

E - Adjustment dimension

Correct results can only be achieved if assembly work and measuring procedures are carried out carefully and with maximum cleanliness.

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