Removing and installing the ATF pump


1. Remove transmission.

2. Remove torque converter and rear transmission case.

3. Unscrew fixing screws with Torx insert T27 and remove pump. To do this, screw in two screws opposite each other and carefully drive out the pump by gentle blows on the screw heads



1. Check bearing bush for run-in scores or damage. The pump must be replaced If there are signs of damage.

2. Oil both pump wheels with ATF fluid and place in the housing so that both installation markings are visibly facing up.


A = Installation markings

3. Install pump with new O-ring and centering sleeve. Tighten fixing screws with 10 Nm.

4. Check pump for easy operation. It must be possible to turn the pump by hand with special tool 9329 without it catching.



Removing and installing the ATF pump

Printed in Germany - VI, 1990

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