Adjusting guide rail for balance shaft toothed belt

Engine Type M 44.43/44

1. Tighten mounting bolts of guide rail lightly. 6. Fit sprocket and balance shaft toothed belt Fit sprocket for balance shaft drive and and adjust according to specification, toothed belt. Refer to pages 13 - 7 to 13 - 10.

Put balance shaft toothed belt under preload.

2. Using a feeler gauge, measure and adjust clearance between toothed belt and guide rail.

Adjusting dimension: 1 ±0.5 mm


3. Check clearance of guide rail over a length of 7 teeth (dimension A).

The adjusting dimension must be 1 ±0.5 mm.

4. To achieve the correct adjustment, slide the guide rail in the bolt holes.

5. Tighten both hexagon head bolts of the guide rail and check setting dimension again. Take off toothed belt and sprocket and tighten both pan head screws.

Adjusting guide rail for balance shaft toothed belt

Printed in Germany - IV, 1992


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