Adjusting lift solenoid of Shiftlock

Adjust lift solenoid as follows:

— After fitting the lift solenoid, push it all the way down in the slots of the gate guide (No. 5). Tighten fastening screws (No. 3) only lightly.

— Fit the angular lever (No. 2) to the gate guide (No. 5) using the 8 mm stud (assembly tool/No. 1).

— Apply current to lift solenoid (apply system voltage, observe correct polarity) and slide along Inside slots until the locking idler lightly touches the surfaces a and b of the ratchet (No. 4).

— Tighten fastening screws (No. 3) to 2.8 Nm (2 ftlb) in this position. Check operation again.



Shiftlock - Emergency operation Operation

Locking of the selector lever in the ,,P" and „N" positions is achieved with a solenoid.

To energize the solenoid, a selector lever control unit located in the relay housing in slot G 23 of the auxiliary Central Electrical System is used.

The auxiliary Central Electrical System is located below the instrument panel to the left of the steering tube (on RHD vehicles, it is found to the left below the steering tube).

Block diagram - Shiftlock

R - Selector lever lock control unit S - Microswitch for P/N detection T - Solenoid

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