Adjusting the clutch pedal Note

The following items are essential requirements for smooth clutch operation and must therefore be observed whenever the pedal is adjusted:

- Correct bleeding of clutch hydraulics.

- Tightness of hydraulic system.

- Correct setting of pushrod and boost spring.

- Pedal position according to standard setting.

Checking and adjustment procedures

1. Adjusting pedal position/pushrod (dimension A = LHD: 147 mm / RHD: 109.5 mm).

If repairs on the master cylinder have been carried out, the pushrod must be readjusted. Move the sound insulation in this area out of the way. The correct pedal pos. is obtained automatically after the pushrod has been set to dimension A (measured between body and rod center). This dimension is set by turning the hexagon head pushrod and by locking with the hex nut. If required, correct the cruise control switch position on vehicles equipped with cruise control.

2. Adjusting the boost spring (dimension B = 65 mm) / or 68* mm).

The boost spring can be set to dimension B = 65 mm + 1 or 68* mm ± 1 mm only after the pedal position has been checked and adjusted. Measure the dimension between the outer edge of the washer and the cutter support (refer to diagram).

If the parts have been dismantled or when ordering spare parts, dimension B is 76 mm ± 1. or 78* mm ± 1 mm. In this case, the boost spring is secured with a cotter pin (2 mm dia.).

Adjustment Note
* New boost spring fitted as of April, 1993 (grey color)

3. Clutch free play. The free play cannot be adjusted.

The clutch master cylinder is provided with an internal stop. If the boost spring and the pushrod are adjusted correctly, the clutch pedal is always forced against this stop. Pull the pedal back to check if this stop (= end position) is reached.

Due to the fact that any free play is automatically taken up hydraulically, the free play of the clutch cannot be checked at the clutch pedal.

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