Adjusting the popup headlight mechanical system


The installed pop-up headlight assembly is comprised of:

1. Sheetmetal console; fitted to body

2. Joint rod; provides link between return lever and rotary support

3. Mounting saddle of electric motor

4. Headlights with hood

5. Rotary support

6. Electric motor with deflection lever

7. Cover ring

The headlight position with regard to the fender aperture is adjusted with the headlight folded down:

1. In longitudinal axis of the vehicle: at the console.

Porsche 968 Headlights Repair

Adjust the headlight in such a manner that the upper edge of the headlight does not protrude above the fender contours and that the headlight is centered with regard to the fender aperture. Make sure the left-hand and right-hand headlights are adjusted in the same way.

Headlight assembly is removed 824-94B

2. in lateral axis of the vehicle: across the headlight.

Porsche 968 Headlights Repair
Headlight assembly removed 825-94

3. In vertical direction: across the rotary support.

Headlight assembly removed B2s-&

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