Adjustment of headlights fitted with headlight beam adjuster


Basic headlight adjustment is carried out in position 0.

1. Switch on headlights.

2. Adjust headlights with the vehicle in road-worthy condition using a headlight aimer.

Fuel tank full.

Driver's seat loaded with one person or 75 kgs.

The tire pressure must meet the specifications.

Magnetic Field Coil

Potentiometer position of headlight adjuster relative to load state

Position 0:

1 or 2 persons without luggage. Position 1 :

3 or 4 persons without/with luggage. Position 2:

1 or 2 persons with luggage.

968 OS

Position 0:

1 or 2 persons without luggage. Position 1 :

2 persons with luggage. Position 2:

1 person with luggage.

Lowering in position 0: 10 cm on 10 m

Lowering in position 1 : 15 cm +1 cm on 10 m

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