Body Paint Colors Beginning With Standard Colors

Grand Prix white 908

Black 700

Black 741*

Maritime blue 38B

Indian red 80K

Signal green 22S

Mint green 22R

Speed yellow 12G


Special Colors:

Slate grey metallic 22D

Slate grey metallic 23F*

Oakgreen metallic 22L

Oakgreen metallic 23G*

Horizon blue metallic 37X

Horizon blue metallic 38T

Cobalt blue metallic 37U

Cobalt blue metallic 38U*

Polar silver metallic 92E

Polar silver metallic 92M*

Black pearl effect 738

Black pearl effect 744*

Midnight blue metallic 37W

Midnight blue pearl effect 39C*

Amethyst pearl effect 38A

Amethyst pearl effect 83K*

Amazonas green pearl effect 39A

Raspberry red - metallic 83E

Wimbledon green - metallic 231

Violet blue - metallic 37E

* = Water-base paints

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