5. Tighten parking brake lever by 2 notches and turn adjusting nut on the tension jack until both wheels can hardly be rotated manually anymore.

6. Release parking brake lever and check if both wheels now rotate freely.

7. Lock adjusting nut at tension jack.

Adjusting the parking brake

1. Remove rear wheels.

2. Release parking brake and push back rear disc brake pads until the brake disc can rotate freely.

3. If required, undo adjusting nut at the tension jack of the parking brake lever until the tension is released from the cable.

4. Engage a screwdriver across the bore in the brake disc to reset the adjuster until the wheel cannot be rotated anymore. Then turn back the adjuster until the wheel turns freely again, and follow this by turning back (loosening) the adjuster by 2 more notches. Repeat adjustment process on the other wheel.

Checking and adjusting the parking brake

Printed in Germany - IV, 1992

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