Calibrating controllable seat heating

Control units Note

The seat heating must be calibrated after the control unit or heating elements have been replaced.

Installation position

At the bottom of the seat


Control unit for seat heating

A - measuring point (V) B - calibration potentiometer

Calibrating controllable seat heating 72 • 3

Printed in Germany - VIII, 1993



1. Digital-voltmeter with an internal resistance (Ri) >1 Mfl.

2. Two measuring probes with a maximum diameter of 2 mm.

3. Thermometer (as recommended in the Workshop Handbook).

5. Two auxiliary cables to supply voltage to the removed seat (terminals15 and 31). Use adapter cable 9269 for seat-position control.

Calibration procedure

1. Store the seat to be calibrated in the working area until it has assumed the ambient temperature.

2. Provide power supply.


Do not switch on the seat heating. If switched on unintentionally, the seat must cool down until the heating elements have again adopted the ambient temperature.

3. Measure the ambient temperature and refer to the table for the relevant voltage value.

4. Connect the voltmeter to the control unit (A).

5. Set the voltage value on the calibration potentiometer (B) so that it corresponds to the appropriate value for the ambient temperature.


Ambient temperature in'C Voltage in V

10 1.75

12 1.80

14 1.85

16 1.90

18 1.95

22 2.05

24 2.10

26 2.15

28 2.20

30 2.25

32 2.30

34 2.35

36 2.40

38 2.45

40 2.50

42 2.55

44 2.60

46 2.65

Functional check

Switch on seat heating for approx. 10 sec. with maximum heating power. After switching off, measure the voltage at the control unit. The value measured now must be considerably higher.

Calibrating controllable seat heating J

Printed in Germany - VIII, 1993


The assembly operations on the air conditioning system as of MY '92 are described in the Repair Manual of the 944 model, Vol. Ill, Repair Group 87. Refrigerant R 12 up to MY '92 Refrigerant R 134a as of MY '93

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