Changing ATF fluid

Capacity: approx. 7.0 I

Change quantity: approx. 3.0 I

Oil grade: ATF Dexron II D

Change the ATF fluid and replace the ATF filter every 40,000 kms (25,000 miles).

When changing the ATF, place vehicle on a horizontal surface and stop the engine.

Drain ATF fluid, remove ATF pan and ATF filter (refer to p. 38 - 207).

Clean ATF pan.

Fit ATF filter using a new seal. Tighten bolts to specified torque.

Fit ATF pan with gasket. Tighten fastening screws to specified torque.

Fill In ATF fluid.

With the engine stopped, start by adding ATF fluid via the quick-fill adapter up to mark (1) on the reservoir.

^vvfl • B"1


A = Quick-fill adapter B = Filler hose C = Filling mark

With selector lever set to ,,P", start engine and let engine idle, observing ATF level at reservoir and topping up to mark (1) immediately if required.


The ATF level in the transmission varies according to the fluid temperature.

Drive vehicle to warm up transmission and check ATF fluid level at a temperature of 80 deg. C.

Make sure the fluid level is between the 80 deg. C MIN and MAX marks (refer to page 38 - 201).

To determine the precise ATF temperature, use System Tester 9288.

Replace seal for sealing nut and tighten nut to specified torque.


C = Quick-fill adapter

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