Checking headlight beam adjuster

1. Switch on headlights.

2. Unlatch headlights and turn into fitting position.

3. Disconnect both connectors from actuators.

4. Measure voltage between term. No. 1 (positive) and term. No. 3 (negative).

Display: Battery voltage

1397 - 94

If no voltage is present at the terminals, check power supply according to wiring diagram.

5. Voltmeter to term. 1 (positive) and term. 2 (negative).


Potentiometer in position 0: approx. 0 V Potentiometer in position 1: 2.5 V to 3.0 V Potentiometer in position 2: 4.2 V to 5.0 V

If the values are not reached, check directly at the connector to the potentiometer.


uu^uU ------—




□ 0 D 0 □ I

1398- 94

1398- 94


The battery voltage must be between 11 V and 13 V when the check is made. If the voltage reading is lower, recharge battery.

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