Checking idle and CO level of vehicles without catalytic converter Engine Type M 444344


No provisions for idle speed adjustment are made any more. Adjustment at the throttle body is therefore no longer performed.

Adjusting the idle CO level

Adjustment requirements

Perfect condition of the mechanical engine components. Loads must be turned off while adjustments are made. Perform adjustments as rapidly as possible to avoid excessive heat buildup in the inlet ducts as this would give faulty CO level readings. Ambient temperature 15 to 35 deg. C.

1. Warm up engine to operating temperature. (Oil temperature 70 to 90 deg. C), check with oil temeprature tester (Special Tool 9122 and 9122/2).

2. Check CO level. If the CO level is not within the specified adjustment range, correct adjustment at CO potentiometer. Remove plug from inlet bore to CO level adjuster screw.

3. The CO potentiometer is located behind the right-hand pop-up headlight.

CO level setting: 0.5...1.5% Turning clockwise - richer mixture Turning counterclockwise - leaner mixture

Check idle speed.

Connect separate tachometer according to manufacturer's instructions.

Idle speed:

Engine Type M 44.43 840 ± 40 rpm Engine Type M 44.44 880 ± 40 rpm

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