Checking oil pressure

1. Remove oil pressure transmitter and screw oil pressure tester VW 1342 together with M 10 x 1 adapter, and M 10 x 1/M 18 x 1.5 adapter, in its place in the oil/water cooler housing.

2. Run engine to operating temperature (80' C oil temperature), checking the temperature with, for example, an oil temperature tester (Special Tool 9122 + 9122/2).

3. At idle speed the oil pressure should be 2.5 bar or more.

Have a second person accelerate the engine speed to 4000 rpm. Read oil pressure from tester. The value should be greater than 4.5 bar.

4. Install oil pressure transmitter with a new A 18 x 24 seal.

Tightening torque: 35 Nm.

Checking oil pressure 17-9

Printed in Germany - VIII, 1993

Cleaning the entire engine oil system after an engine failure (bearing failure)


This cleaning sequence is only intended to give pointers as to whereyou may find chips. The actual amount of work involved will depend oneach individual case of engine damage.

Replace the following parts:

- Hydraulic valve tappets

- Oil pressure relief valve (crankcase)

- Oil filter

The following parts must be dismantled, inspected and cleaned thoroughly:

- Oil pump

- Thermostat housing

- Oil restraining valve in cylinder head

The following parts must be cleaned thoroughly and/or rinsedthrough repeatedly:


All oil bores may be rinsed through thoroughly with benzine and a commercially available oil/benzine syringe.

- Oil intake pipe

- Oil drain pipe

- Crankcase

- Crankshaft

- Cylinder head

- Oil lines

- Oil cooler

- Oil filler neck

Change oil filter and engine oil after approx. 500 km.


After an engine failure, the entire intake system must be inspected for foreign bodies and/or oil and cleaned before assembly.

Cleaning the entire engine oil system after an engine failure (bearing failure)

Printed in Germany - VIII, 1993

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