Checking operation of lighting system

Adjusting the headlights

1. Raise pop-up headlights.

2. Release pop-up headlights and tilt forward.

6. Adjust headlights with the car in roadworthy condition (fuel tank filled, driver's seat loaded with one person or 75 kg, tire pressure set to specified values), using a headlight aiming device.

2. Release pop-up headlights and tilt forward.

3. Remove cover shroud.

4. Tilt back pop-up headlights.

5. Clean light-diffusing lens and turn on low beam.


Adjustment is performed with the headlight beam adjuster switch set to position 0.

Adjusting auxiliary headlights and fog lights Note

Auxiliary headlights and fog lights can only be adjusted together.

1. Remove turn signal lights.

2. Turn on high beam.

3. Adjust with the car in roadworthy condition (refer to headlight section), using a headlight aiming device.



Adjustment is not performed horizontally and vertically via one adjusting screw each. Instead, horizontal and vertical adjustments are made simultaneously. References:

Turning both screws in the same direction: Lateral adjustment.

Turning both screws in opposite directions: Height adjustment.

Adjust in such a manner that the center of the light beam is within the reference marks around the central mark on the screen of the headlight aiming device.

4. Check adjustment of fog lights.

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