Checking the Tiptronic transmission

Check percentage reading (actual values) with Tester 9288 If there is no display:

1) Measure voltage signal at Tiptronic control unit connector pin 11 using a voltmeter. The signal should range from 1 V at idle to about 10 V at full throttle (with the ignition on).

If no voltage is measured:

2) Check wiring from Tiptronic control unit connector pin 11 to DME pin 52 for continuity and shorts to ground.

If continuity o.k. DME faulty

If voltage o.k. Tiptronic control unit faulty

Fault, fault code Possible causes, elimination, remarks

Test point 9 Tiptronic warning lamp comes on, transmission is in emergency mode.

Solenoid valve 1 Detectable faults: Open circuit/short to ground, short to positive

Fault code 31 ^ Check operation with Tester 9288 (drive link test)

- Acoustical test

Triggering cycle of valves is audible as a clicking noise near the transmission.

2) Pull connector off Tiptronic control unit.

a) Measure resistance between pin 5 and pin 19. Nominal value 34 Ohms, tolerance 10 %

b) Check that pins 5 and 19 are free from shorts to ground.

- Check o.k.: Tiptronic control unit faulty

3) Also pull off connector at transmission.

- Check wiring (Tiptronic control unit connector pin 5 to transmission connector pin H and Tiptronic control unit connector pin 19 to transmission connector pin M).

Fault, fault code

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