Cylinder head

Cylinder head to crankcase upper section

Engine type M 44.43/44

Camshaft support to cylinder head

Camshaft adjuster -VarioCam to cylinder head

Socket head bolts for chain tensioner / oil pipe

Banjo bolt / oil pipe

Cylinder head cover

Intake pipe to cylinder head

Inlet flange for heater to cylinder head

Flange for coolant pipe

Toothed belt cover to cylinder head

Hall sender / mounting

Camshaft gearwheel to camshaft multi-tooth bolt

Distributor rotor to camshaft gearwheel

Transport bracket to cylinder head

Spark plugs

M 12

M 10

20(15) 1st stage

60' torque angle 2nd stage 90' torque angle 3rd stage

25 - 30 (18 - 22); grease thread lightly with Molykote paste HTP (white)



Tightening torque Nm (ftlb)

Fuel system

Mounting of

M 6x 12


pressure regulator

to fuel collection pipe

Cap nut to

M 12 x 1.5


fuel collection pipe

Exhaust system

Plug nut to

M 14 x 1.5

30 (22)

catalytic converter

All other nuts and bolts:

M 6

8 + 2 (6 + 1)

M 8

20 + 2(15 + 1)

M 10

40 + 5 (29 + 4)

Coat all nut and

bolt unions

with Optimoly HT

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