Dismantling and assembling door outer handle Dismantling door outer handle

No. Operation Instructions

1 Remove lock barrel To separate the lock barrel from the door outer handle, drive out the lock pin using a drift.

2 Remove escutcheon Undo bolts and lift off escutcheon.

3 Remove operating lever Cut rivet connecting door outer handle and operating lever using a hacksaw. Pull out both rivet sections, pull operating lever and tensioning spring out of the door outer handle. Note:

When sawing off the rivet, lock the rivet stud to keep it from turning.

Assembling the door outer handle:

No. Operation Instructions

4 Fit operating lever Insert operating lever, tensioning spring and rivet stud into the door outer handle. Note:

Grease the operating lever (in the pivot area) and the rivet stud before inserting them into the door outer handle.

Position drift in a vise. Place preassembled door outer handle with rivet stud area (flat side of rivet stud) onto the drift.

To rivet door outer handle to the operating lever, enlarge rivet stud using a center punch.


Enlarge rivet stud head only enough to prevent the rivet stud from being pressed out of its assembled position.

Place escutcheon into door outer handle and screw in place.

Place lock barrel into door outer handle and lock using the roll pin.

5 Reestablish rivet connection

6 Fit escutcheon

7 Fit lock barrel

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