Dismantling and assembly notes Note

The small differential gears are supported by two roller Inserts consisting of 31 individual needle rollers each.


1. Press out pin with centering mandrel 9289.


2. Use centering mandrel to turn small differential gears towards the housing openings and take them out carefully. Be careful not to lose any needle rollers.


1. Insert large differential gears with pressed-in threaded washers across the large aperture in the differential housing and locate them with the joint flanges.

2. Preassemble a small differential gear with

31 needle rollers, centering mandrel 9289 as well as the spacer sleeve and insert across one of the openings in the housing.


3. Assemble second differential gear with 31 needle rollers and push carefully onto the centering mandrel. Be careful not to lose any needle rollers.


To facilitate assembly, apply stiff grease to needle rollers prior to inserting them.


4. Turn small differential gears with centering mandrel until the bores in the housing line up.


5. Press in differential pin until it is seated in correct position, take off centering mandrel and lock pin according to specifications.

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