Dismantling and assembly notes


1. If the trailing arm, the wheel bearing or the wheel hub is to be replaced, undo drive shaft nuts (M 18 lock nut on wheel hub) before raising the vehicle. Apply brakes at the same time.

7. Undo shock absorbers at trailing arm. Remove stabilizer mount (arrow). Raise trailing arm somewhat for both assembly operations.

2. Remove rear wheel.

3. Open combination plug at trailing arm and pull out connectors. Uncllp or extend wire at trailing arm.

4. Disconnect brake pipe from brake hose at trailing arm and remove brake caliper. Before disconnecting the pipe, press down brake pedal with pedal retainer to keep brake fluid from flowing down from the reservoir.

8. Undo spring brace/trailing arm union. Mark position of trailing arm before undoing the bolt union.

5. Remove parking brake assembly from rear-axle trailing arm.

6. Undo pan head screws for constant velocity joint. If the drive shaft is undone on the wheel side or transmission side only, respectively, suspend drive shaft in horizontal position.

9. Separate trailing arm from rear-axle crosstube and remove trailing arm.


1. Assemble in reverse order. No welding and straightening operations are permissible on suspension components. Use specified assembly pastes. Observe correct tightening torques.

2. Tighten trailing arm to rear-axle crosstube mounting bolt only when the vehicle is back on its wheels.

3. Adjust parking brake. Bleed rear brake circuit.

4. If assembly operations affecting the vehicle ride height have been performed, the suspension alignment (vehicle height and wheel alignment settings) must be adjusted as required.

When replacing components or undoing bolt unions that affect the wheel alignment, check and/or adjust the wheel alignment.

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