DME control units as of Model Year 92 Engine Type M 444344


Production control unit

Introduction date




Start of production July, '91


approx. September, '91


December, '91


Removing and installing knock sensor

1. To remove and install the knock sensors, unbolt the intake rail from the engine. Refer to page 15-21 to 15-22.

The coolant hoses remain connected. The intake rail remains in the engine compartment.

2. Undo and take out knock sensors. Disconnect connector.

3. Reinstall with a new genuine M 8 x 30 bolt (micro-sealed) without washer.

Tightening torque: 20 Nm (15 ftlb.) Note

Handle the knock sensor very carefully. The knock sensor must never drop to the ground from greater heights as this may damage the piezocrystal.

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