Engine Design

Engine type Crankcase Crankshaft Crankshaft bearings Connecting rods Con-rod bearings Pistons Cylinders Cylinder head Valve guides Valve arrangement Valve gear

Camshaft Camshaft drive

Balance shafts Balance shaft bearings Balance shaft drive Valve clearance Basic valve timing

Torque valve timing

4-cylinder 4-stroke otto-cycle engine with 2 balance shafts

Light-alloy, two-piece

Forged, 5 main bearings

Plain bearings


Plain bearings Light-alloy, forged Light-alloy Light-alloy

Pressed in, special brass

2 intake, 2 exhaust, overhead in V inclination

2 overhead camshafts, hydraulic flat-base tappets

Without bearing shells, located in cylinder head

Toothed belt and internal chain with electric/hydraulic adjustment


Plain bearings with bearings shells Toothed belt

Automatic adjustment (hydraulic)

Intake opens 7.5 deg. after TDC Intake closes 52 deg. after BDC Exhaust opens 31 deg. before BDC Exhaust closes 1 deg. after TDC

Intake opens 7.5 deg. before TDC Exhaust closes 37 deg. after BDC Exhaust opens 31 deg. before BDC Exhaust closes 1 deg. after TDC

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