Fault Possible causeRemedy

2.2 Slipping or judder when • Clutch B or brake D damaged • Replace transmission moving off • Oil feed of clutch B leaky • Replace transmission

(rectangular rings on intermediate plate)

2.3 Hard, bumpy engagement of P-R or N-R or clearly noticeable double shock during P-R or N-R shifts

2.4 Reverse light does not light (electrical system o.k.)

2.5 No reverse and no forward gear

• Damper D faulty; in this case 2-1 shift operations will also be impaired

• Modulating pressure too high

• Multifunction-switch adjusted Incorrectly

• Multifunction-switch faulty

• Main pressure valve stuck

• Main pressure valve spring broken

• Adjust engine

• Refer to diagnosis item 11

• Correct adjustment

• Replace multifunction-switch

• Refer to diagnosis item 12


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