Fitting the camshafts

1. Rotate engine in direction of rotation to approx. 45° before firing TDC (cylinder 1).

2. Compress "VarioCam" camshaft adjuster and lock with Special Tool 9530.


The oil check valve in the camshaft adjuster may drop out when the adjuster is compressed. Retain oil check valve and take it out if required.


3. Place inlet camshaft and exhaust camshaft into timing chain.

Place both camshafts into timing chain in such a manner that the color marks or casting lugs line up with the chain links marked.


The distance between the inlet camshaft mark and the exhaust camshaft mark is 7 chain outer links.

4. Place "VarioCam" camshaft adjuster between the camshafts into the chain.


5. Oil bearing surfaces of camshaft, cylinder head and cams. Fit camshafts with assembly saddles, Special Tool 9248, used in conjunction with tensioning pins of Special Tool 9226, to cylinder head.


6. Fit camshaft bearing saddles and bearing covers. The bearing saddles or covers are machined as a unit with the cylinder head and must always be fitted as a unit. Observe correct identification character and matching number. Tighten bearing saddles or covers to 20 Nm (15 ftlb).


7. When fitting, apply Loctite 574 to the sealing surfaces of the front and rear double bearing saddles.

8. Fit "VarioCam" camshaft adjuster to cylinder head. Take out Special Tool 9530. Fit oil pipe. Tightening torque of banjo bolt:

9. Use Special Tool 9233 (assembly sleeve) and thrust piece 9234 to press the seal into the drive side of the camshaft. Oil sealing lip before fitting the seal.



If a damaged toothed belt has caused the valves to be damaged by the pistons, it is mandatory to replace the timing chain. Visually check chain sprockets and chain ten-sioner thoroughly.

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