Inspecting Seat Belts Checking Function

It must be possible to have the belt strap roll off of the automatic reel via the reversing fitting without hesitation when pulling the seat belt uniformly and the tongue of the seat belt must be heard engaging in the belt lock. The automatic reel must lock when the seat belt strap is pulled suddenly.

Checking Condition

A visual inspection of the seat belt must not produce any damage or signs of wear on the belt strap. The seat belt must be replaced, if the belt strap is damaged in the form of cuts, fringing, torn seams, rubbing spots or similar conditions.

Additional Checking for Seat Belts with Overload Indicators (Tear Seams) -Airbag Equipment

The tear seam on the belt strap above the holder must not be damaged in addition to the fact that these seat belts must have perfect function and condition. The tear seam serves as an overload indicator, which reports an overloaded condition and therefore the necessity to replace a seat belt.

Inspecting Seat Belts

Printed in Germany - II, 1991

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