Installation and Repairs

Testing and installing may only be carried out by qualified personnel.

The following precautionary measures are always mandatory prior to working on the air-bag system as well as work on neighboring parts, where there is danger that power supplying parts could get too close to the airbag system.

1. Turn off ignition

2. Disconnect and cover battery ground pole.

After disconnecting the battery installation or repairs on the vehicle with use of a hammer or similar tools may first be begun after waiting 20 minutes. This is necessary to interrupt power supply of the airbag system and to guarantee that accidental ignition is not possible.

Installation of airbag units must commence immediately after removal from the location of storage. Under no circumstances may they be left unattended. Airbag units must be placed under lock immediately when installing procedures are interrupted.

Airbag units must never have contact with grease, oil, cleaning solutions or similar products.

Airbag units must never be subjected to temperatures above 90' C (195' F), not even briefly.

Airbag units, crash sensors and control units, which have fallen from a height of more than 0.5 meter (1.5 feet), may no longer be installed.

Additional trim, labels or anything similar may not be installed on the steering wheel or in the area of the front passenger's airbag.

No modifications or changes may be made on the wiring and components of the airbag system.

The battery must always be disconnected before beginning with straightening and welding work with use of an electric welder.

If welding is required in the immediate vicinity of crash sensors and control, these parts must be removed first.

Airbag components may never be repaired; they must always be replaced.


Hands must always be washed thoroughly after touching triggered airbag units.

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