1. Fit transmission using the transmission jack. Apply a light coat of multipurpose grease to the lug at the torque converter and guide in the driver plate.

2. Put transmission into place and fit flange bolts. Tighten all fastening bolts to the specified torque.

3. Retain transmission in installation position and fit transmission mount.


9. Place transmission jack below transmission and secure with mounting strap.

10. Remove fastening bolts for transmission mounts.

4. Tighten ATF lines to the transmission, fitting new seals.

5. Fit bracket to transmission and engage selector lever cable in D position.

6. Check adjustment. Select all gears and check if the respective gears are indicated on the tachometer. Also check gate change from „D" to ,,M". A straight movement must be possible without binding of the lever.


7. Refit wiring connectors, drive shafts, driver plate and exhaust system.

Tightening torques:

Transmission to central tube Driver plate to torque converter Screw fitting of oil line to adapter Bracket on transmission Drive shafts

M 10 42 Nm (31 ftlb) M 10 76 Nm (56 ftlb) 24 Nm (18 ftlb)

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