Flywheel / damper intallation note

1. Rotate flywheel until assembly mark (roll pin hole with large chamfer) points down.


1. The flywheel must be separated from the damper across the starter aperture (9 bolts). The clutch housing is unbolted from the engine and remains fixed to the central tube.


3. When fitting engine and clutch housing, make sure that both marks are lined up with each other. Tighten fastening bolts evenly.

4. Before installing the engine, coat the clutch housing/engine bolts with Optimoly TA.

Tightening torques:

Clutch housing to engine Damper to flywheel ATF lines to radiator

M 12 75 Nm (55 ftlb) M 8 21 Nm (15 ftlb) 24 Nm (18 ftlb)

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