Insert injector nozzle (H7) of cartridge with component B (H2) into mixing cartridge (H3). Use the bonding gun (C) to press component B (H2) into mixing cartridge (H3) with component A.

Close mixing cartridge

Pull injector nozzle (H7) out of mixing cartridge (H3) and close mixing cartridge with screw-on cap.

16 Screw mixing rod into mixing cartridge

Screw mixing rod (G) manually into internal thread of mixing disc in the mixing cartridge (H3). Clamp other end of mixing rod in a drill chuck. Fit the drill into a suitable clamping device.

17 M ix co mpo nent A with component B

Switch on drill (speed 900 to 1,200 rpm) and rotate mixing cartridge 25 times from stop to stop. Perform all 25 double strokes fairly rapidly.

18 Engage mixing disc into piston

Pull back mixing cartridge until a rattling sensation is felt.

Switch off drill and screw mixing rod out of mixing cartridge.

This will cause the mixing disc to engage Into the piston of the mixing cartridge.

19 Place mixing cartridge into bonding gun

Insert mixing cartridge with mixed 2-pack window adhesive into bonding gun.

Screw application nozzle (H8) onto mixing cartridge.

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