Release front of folding top left and right using special handles inside the vehicle and lift off and upwards.

Release both seat backrests and fold forwards.

Pull off door gasket at B-pillar from spot welding flange and detach adhesive fastening of rear side lining. Undo screw fastening of rear side lining and take out lining. Undo right and left screw fastenings of rear lining, unclip 8 press studs from hat shelf and remove rear lining.

Undo two screw fastenings of rear inner side elements on both left and right.

From luggage compartment side, detach adhesive fastening of luggage compartment lining in area of hat shelf.

From the luggage compartment side, undo 4 fastening nuts of folding top retaining bracket.

Raise rear of folding top and undo screw fastenings of both folding top bearings.

Disengage securing plate from the connecting bolt of articulated fork / support strut 1, press out connecting bolt and detach support strut 1 from articulated fork. Unscrew fastening bolt of support strut 2 from fastening point on guide lever.

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