Cut out windshield in roof rail and A-pillar area

Insert cranked knife (F) into cutter (A). Set vibration regulator to stage 3.

Cut bonding between windshield and body from inside (passenger compartment) along A-piilars and roof rail.

Cut off protruding adhesive

Cut off protruding adhesive from outside directly along edge of windshield.

Cut out windshield in instrument Insert U-shaped cutting knife (D) into cutter (A).

panel area

Insert cutting knife in such a manner that the cutting edge is parallel to the cutter. Set vibration regulator to stage 6.

Cut through remaining bonding of the windshield from outside along the instrument panel.

Take out windshield

Remove adhesive from body

Insert flashing knife (E) into cutter (A) and remove adhesive only to the extent that the remaining adhesive covers the whole area in a uniform manner.

Clean windshield aperture of body

Clean windshield aperture of body thoroughly using cleaning solution (H6).

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