9.1 ATF drips from torque converter bell housing

Seals in pump housing damaged

Pump housing leaky Torque converter leaks at weld joint

Seals under fastening screws of pump damaged

Replace oil seals

Replace pump assembly Replace torque converter

Replace oil seals

9.2 Transmission oil drips from torque converter bell housing

9.3 Leak at cap of brake C'

9.4 Oil drips from leak detection point (to the right of ATF pan)

9.5 Oil loss at transmission connector

9.6 Oil loss across or at breather

Seals for differential leaky

O-rings damaged

Transmission (ATF) leak Differential leak (75W90 transmission oil)

O-ring damaged

Oil level too high Incorrect oil (excessive foaming)

Breather cover missing

O-ring at breather damaged Lock washer preload insufficient

• Replace oil seals (possible with transmission installed)

• Replace oil seals

Replace O-ring

• Correct oil level

• Change oil, remove transmission if required and drain complete with torque converter

• Refit cap or replace breather as required

• Replace lock washer

9.7 Oil loss at rear axle breather

Oil level too high

Correct oil level


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